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Select from the builtin chime mixes or create your own chimes from the builtin sounds and tunings.

Search for the lost chord or just relax to chime sounds that you create.  Set the sleep timer at night for a melodic slide into sleep. Or set the wake timer to gently rise from meditation. 


All sounds are created in real-time using additive synthesis made possible by the AudioKit open-source audio framework. Experiment with creating your own sound by stacking unto six sine wave harmonics each with their own attack, decay, sustain, release characteristics.


Create a new chime mix from scratch by selecting a scale from any of the builtin tuning systems and sounds.  New tunings can be added to the builtin tunings by simply pasting a Scala definition.  (See the Scala Home Page for hundreds of tunings.)  Tone intervals can be displayed as rational fractions, note frequencies, or in cents.


Add up to four chimes to the mix.  Press "+" in the upper right menu to add a new chime.  Select the tuning, sound, and root tone.  Press the tones you want and go back to the main mix screen to adjust the settings.  Have you created a new chime that you would like to share with a friend?  It's as easy as email.

HarmonicChimes is an iPad application available in the Apple Store now.

HarmonicChimes utilizes AudioKit, an audio synthesis framework for iOS, to simulate the sound of wind chimes.

Chimes can be created in any musical key, in any musical intonation system, and played with any sound.

Chimes can be shared with friends.