Allan Hoeltje

Software developer since 1978.  Now making an attempt to never work in a 9-5 job ever again.  Experienced in Swift, C, iOS, macOS, SQLite, and Python.  Career objective: Continue developing interesting and technologically challenging software solutions for MacOS and iOS platforms.

Florida Atlantic University 1978 Computer Science/Mathematics

Big Nerd Ranch 2004

Email: allan at WholeCheese dot com

Freelance Software Developer - October 2015 - Present


iOS, MacOS, Swift, Objective-C, Python, SQLite, XML, JSON, XCTest, Git

In the App Store Now:

  • HarmonicChimes - an iPad app for exploring Just Intonation tunings with wind chimes.

Recent Clients:

  • SpeechSkills - Video capture desktop app written in Swift and using AVFoundation.
  • Brass Rat Group - Python scripts for massive XML and CSV data parsing and conversion to mySQL databases.

Github Projects: WholeCheese

  • FIFO - a thread safe FIFO queue written for MacOS in Swift
  • CSV - a fast parser written for MacOS in Swift for very large (10++ million lines) CSV files.
  • LetterPairSimilarity - BiGram string comparison written in Swift.

Senior Software Engineer - October 2006 - October 2015

Gracenote, Emeryville, CA

Embedded C, Objective-C, Open-CL, MacOS, iOS, Xcode, SQLite, Python, BeagleBoard, QT, Perforce, Agile Development.

  • Memory mapped a parallel implementation of the Philips audio fingerprint identification for 100,000 pop music tunes in iOS with Objective-C using Open-CL . 
  • Wrote a Socks5 Proxy client/server for Gracenote’s GNSDK product.
  • Developed TextID mp3 music identification for the GNSDK with various algorithms for pattern matching Japanese, Korean, and Chinese unicode mp3 tag data.
  • Developed Playlist for Gracenote Device 2.5 SDK.
  • All SDK work developed on the Mac in XCode, written in embedded C, and unit tested on the BeagleBoard running Linux.

Senior Software Engineer - January 2006 - October 2006

Maxtor, Milpitas, CA.

Objective-C, C++, MacOS, Cocoa, OS X kernel extensions, IORegistry, Botan Encryption.

  • Developed the Maxtor OneTouch™ Manager for secure backup and continuous synchronization of selected file sets and folders.
  • Wrote top-level api for hard disk firmware features to support RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations, hardware security lock, and drive diagnostics.

Freelance Software Developer - January 2004 - January 2006


Objective-C, C/C++, MacOS, Cocoa, OS X kernel extensions, Python, Java, Apple Script, Encryption, RSS, XML, HTML, MIDI.

  • Developed OS X kernel extensions and user application to enable any SIP/RTP standard VoIP client to be used as a secure Internet phone. Used the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, SHA-1, and AES128 encryption. Written for Philip Zimmermann’s Zfone project.
  • Co-authored a play-list generation application that utilizes RSS internet feeds to create and upload a unique selection of music to the Apple iPod.
  • Wrote vSigX, a visual audio effects editor for the Eventide® Ultra-Harmonizer® line of digital signal processors.
  • Wrote a low level I/O package to communicate with external serial devices connected to the Macintosh USB port.

Senior Software Engineer - December 1999 - January 2004

Geac (formerly Extensity) Emeryville, CA.

Windows XP, Mac OSX, OS9, UNIX, Java, C++, SQL, DOS, csh, ANT, XML, SAX.

  • Various Java development roles on the Extensity Employee Relationship Management (ERM) application suite.

Senior Software Engineer - March 1997 - December 1999

Siebel (formerly Scopus) Emeryville, CA.

Windows NT, Mac OS9, UNIX, Java, C++, DOS and csh scripts.

  • Various Java development roles on the Siebel Service Enterprise client.
  • Various C++ development roles on the Scopus CRM client/server application.
  • Cross platform C++ development of the Scopus suite to the Apple Macintosh.

Senior Software Engineer - August 1995 - March 1997

Bear River Associates, Oakland, CA.

Mac OS 7/8, C++, Newton Script, Pascal, CodeWarrior, MacApp, MPW, Source Safe.

  • On-site contracting for a number of clients including Sonic Solutions, OpenHorizon, CalTrans, and ThunderStone.

Software Engineer - February 1995 - August 1995

ADP MarketMax, San Francisco, CA.

Mac OS7, C++, Pascal, CodeWarrior, MacApp, MPW.

  • Worked on real-time stock exchange client/server applications.
  • Ported legacy Pascal/MacApp code to C++.

Freelance Software Developer - May 1992 - January 1995

Boulder, CO.

Mac OS, UNIX, Windows, C/C++, Newton Script, HTML, SGML, Encryption, DES, RSA, MD5, CodeWarrior, MPW.

  • Developed Mac and Newton applications for Forest Software, Inc., Aspen, CO. Utilized AppleTalk, serial communications between Newton and network.
  • Contract work for Inform Technologies in Englewood, CO, and for Bell Atlantic in Baltimore, MD.
  • Wrote a Newton prototype for TCI (Tele-Communications Inc) to demonstrate wireless work order and repair transactions for field personnel.
  • Contracted at Apple's Electronic Media Lab in Boulder, CO. Primarily responsible for design and implementation of a Newton electronic mail media product in conjunction with Apple's eWorld mail server. Wrote an HTML browser for the Newton to support interactive forms and graphic images. Also wrote various C++ and FoxPro applications for the Lab's OneNet BBS support and customer billing, HyperCard and MacroMind Director prototypes of Newton products.
  • Did application testing for the book “Programming for the Newton” by McKeehan and Rhodes.
  • Wrote a data encryption product called Dropsafe for Reuters Limited that used conventional DES encryption to encrypt data files, RSA public/private key management, and Lagrange interpolating polynomials for group sharing of private keys.

Software Engineer - May 1989 - May 1992

Electronic Data Systems (formerly NEODATA) Louisville, CO.

UNIX, DOS, C/C++, dBaseIII; X Window, OpenLook

Freelance Software Developer - June 1988 - June 1989

Boulder, CO.

DOS, Mac OS, C, 6303 Assembler, Intel 8088 Assembler, Encryption, RSA, DES

  • Wrote graphics and character display firmware for an electrocardiograph monitor built around two Hitachi 6303 microprocessors.
  • Wrote various parts of Philip Zimmermann’s PGP, “Pretty Good Privacy”, including: random number generation based on keystroke latency, data compression, and uuencoding.
  • Wrote device drivers for video recorder and video printer.
  • Wrote two systems using the Targa 16 graphics board: security badges with face images; atmospheric simulation data capture to produce time-elapsed video sequences for National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

Software Consultant - December 1987 - June 1988

Esteli, Nicaragua

DOS; dBaseIII, Spanish

  • Spent six months in Nicaragua as a volunteer for the Nicaraguan Ministry of Agrarian Reform.
  • Designed and implemented an accounting package called SUCA using dBase III/Clipper for MSDOS.

Software Engineer - April 1985 - November 1987

Wild Hare Computer Systems, Boulder, CO.

UNIX, Mac OS, DOS; C, Pascal, COBOL, Data General Assembler

Software Engineer - May 1979 - January 1985

NEODATA Services, Louisville, CO.

IBM MVS, IBM 360 Assembler, C, C++, PL/I, CICS, dBaseIII, SQL, DB2

Software Engineer - July 1978 - January 1979

TELEMED Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL.

Interdata 7/32 Assembler